Jean Adalian founded Suit Finders’ mother company, Gianni Inc, in 1993.

For 30 years Gianni Inc has provided personalized service for film and television productions looking for suits to outfit actors and performers. Gianni Inc’s past clients over the years include productions such as Titanic, The Mummy, General Hospital, Saturday Night Live, and American Horror Story.

A Subsidiary of

The Suitfinders Of Hollywood

Costume departments on film and television productions contact us looking for suits in very specific styles and colors. Often they need large quantities or unusual sizes. Because Gianni Inc works directly with suiting manufacturers, we can access large quantities of every kind of suit imaginable and personally pull and ship directly to the customers that need them. No more driving to every store in town or spending hours searching every website.

Ed Sheeran in the “Shivers” Music Video wearing a suit from Gianni Inc. Costume Design by Ami Goodheart.

The “In Memoriam” Choir at the 2022 Oscars – in tuxedos from Gianni Inc. Costume Design by Chelsea Staebell.

SuitFinders for Hotels, Restaurants, and more

In 2023 Jean expanded his Suit Finding services to the hospitality industry – hotels, bars, restaurants, cruise ships, or any other businesses that want their employees to shine in sharp, elegant suiting. If you want a specific style to suit the aesthetic of your business, we can find it for you, to fit every one of your employees.